infernal Greetings

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Hello my Name is Brandon and i'm new to the Site and been a Satanist for 5 years now, I'm Truly happy to be on a forum with people who Love Satanism and Devil worship as i do and who seek to aid our Dark lord and the Demons of Hell. i look forward to speaking with many of you and learning from some of your experience and with you on this path it's my belief that you Never stop learning and i admit i have much to learn.

Praise Satan!!

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RE: infernal Greetings

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von Asmodea • Akolythin, Scharfrichterin Satans | 381 Beiträge | 1202 Punkte

Ave Satanas my satanic brother Satansown!

I am glad that Satan has brought you to us! Nice that you now also belong to our dark community!
A dark welcome to you brother Satansown!
We all learn on our dark path. Learning never stops. Satan is an excellent and patient teacher!

⸸ Hail Satan ⸸

⛧ Rege Satanas ⛧

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RE: infernal Greetings

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von AbaddonHohepriester des Aeons | 193 Beiträge | 486 Punkte

Ave Satanas brother!
Welcome to our family, i hope you will find what you seek. Together we will achieve great things!
Looking forward working with you!

Hail Satan!
Domine Lucifere, per omnia saecula saeculorum!
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