Ritual: The satanic black infernal baptism / English Version for our international members

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The satanic black infernal baptism ritual:

Ave Satanas brothers and sisters!
The satanic consecration is now available in English for our international members! This black baptism is aimed primarily at all members of the Order with the rank of Satan's Disciple and Adept!
This ritual is spiritual property of the Order ÆON SATANAS only be used within the framework of the Order as a member! posting it and passing it on to other organizations and non-Order members is prohibited!

This ritual serves our beloved father Satan to gather HIS children around him in the current ÆON OF SATAN, so that they can devote themselves completely to HIM in HIS infernal name to stand firmly at HIS side!
This ritual is WITHOUT a pact! if you would like to make a pact with Satan, you can a) incorporate it here at your own discretion and b) do it in a SEPARATE pact ritual!
You can only do this ritual of consecration/satanic baptism ONCE and it is then immediately valid!
🤘🏻 Hail Satan 🤘🏻
copyright by ÆON SATANA'S ORDER

This ritual was adapted from the description of alleged witch initiations in the Compendium Maleficarum. I've made a few changes to accommodate all newcomers. There is language here that is specific to people using the black baptism as an opportunitywant to finally cleanse themselves of dead names.feel free to change this part, and really every part of it, to suit your individual needs. Of course, feel free to use the ritual as is! You will find that this ritual calls for a secret, magical, hellish name. so you have to find out your "true hellish name" in advance before performing this ritual, e.g. in satanic meditation etc. Do this carefully. Taking on a new hellish name in Satan is part of the ritual this is based on and it is the most important part!

Subject: Water for baptism - You could just use regular water and make it special at will: mix the water with ashes of incense burned to Satan and put a rosary in it to blasphemously desecrate him!

*Crucifix and/or image of Christ,
*Rosary beads, other symbols of the Christian faith.
*Black candles (min.2) and 1 red one for Satan's flame.
* 1 apple
*baptismal water
*Incense ash from incense burned on your altar to Satan
* Chalk or whatever you use to form your circle
*Old white garment as an offering and to shed the old life. This is put on at the beginning of the ritual.
*Black Robe

satanic altar, wand, athame, black quill to sign name in the air.

RITUAL: This ritual is to be performed at 3am on a day of personal importance. Or on a Saturday. On a full moon it is also recommended!ignite before the 3am strike
the black candles and the red candle for satan! Then clean the air with the bell 9 times COUNTER-CLOCKWISE!
Then make the invocation of Satan:" In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas,Luciferi Excelsi..." etc. Draw the magic circle counterclockwise at 3am! Always draw the circle to the left!
have materials ready. Take your time. Imagine the circle filled with your own dark light. From here on, nothing else comes into the circle but you and Satan!
say: "Tonight I will be reborn in the eyes of Satan!" Now light the joss sticks/incense on the charcoal and say:

"Hail to you, SATAN! Experience me swearing my faith to you and help me to make myself new in you!"
Throw the crucifix on the ground.
say: "I deny the tyrant God above. I deny his sycophantic Nazarene son! I deny the Holy Spirit! I deny the so-called virgin mother and all bright angels and all saints! They no longer have power over me!"

Trample on the crucifix and spit on it. Do whatever feels right to mess it up. When you're done, hurl it as far out of the circle as you can. Pick up the Bible of lies.

Say: "I renounce this harmful book of lies the tyrant god above is the true father of lies. I condemn its teachings and I deny and despise anyone who has tried to teach me!" Throw it out of the circle. Now get the water for your satanic baptism.

Say: "I am giving up forever the false name I was given at birth, ________________. I am taking my new hellish name, ____________________, openly before the world." baptize yourself with your unholy holy water by drawing an inverted pentagram on your forehead with your finger!

Say: "As the serpent sheds its skin, so I shed mine. I shed the old in this day to be born new in Satan, and I profess this satanic creed now and forever: "I believe in the cause of the fallen angel. I believe in the serpent of eden. I believe in the infernal kingdom of SATAN that is below." Now take off the white garment that you have been wearing on your body until now. Eat the apple and say:

"Power of the forbidden fruit that gives me wisdom and knowledge, I am free and give myself to you my God and Father SATAN completely with my body, mind and soul!knowingly and of my own will and will, I irrevocably chose to walk this path with you, O Satan. May I be blotted out of the book of God's tyrant! May my true name (name name) be written in capital letters in your black infernal book
O Satan!"

Now visualize a book in front of you. Raise your finger (or wand or athame, (preferably you can also use a black quill) and write your new infernal magical name in this invisible book!

Then solemnly put on the black robe!
Say: "I vow to serve you SATAN for all eternity and to do your work in your name and to be the vessel of your will and works! I also vow to burn your incense, light your black and red candles, your name for always speak with lovespeak back my name with love! Never will I make a confession to the priests of the tyrant of God. never shall I receive the communion of the tyrant of God. instead I will remember and celebrate your Black Sabbath in your name O Satan and gather myself with your other children and learn to fly to you. Make your mark on me now! "
now draw an inverted pentagram on your forehead with incense ash to represent the sign. Visualize this mark being made permanent on your astral body.

Say: "SATAN, ignite your Black Flame in me and raise me up in you, I will stand by you forever and ever and be completely YOURS! So may it be!
Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan!"

Then use the bell to clean the air 9 times again and go COUNTERCLOCKWISE from west to south, east, north and west and ring the bell 1 time each. Repeat this round afterwards! At the beginning of the ritual, the bell is treated the same way!
After you have spoken these words, you may leave the circle. Collect the discarded objects like crucifix, lying bible and the white garment to burn them one by one in a brazier or campfire. Celebrate it! Then say: "The ritual is accomplished!"
finally repeat the cleaning of the air with the bell as described!

Feel free to share your experience of the ritual with us here!
Your opinion is also welcome here!

⸸ Hail Satan ⸸
⛧Laudate Dominum nostrum Satanam⛧
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RE: Ritual: The satanic black infernal baptism / English Version for our international members

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von AlastoryAkolythin

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Ave Satanas Schwester Asmodea.
Dein Ritual ist hervorragend und leicht verständlich geschrieben und beinhaltet alles,was wichtig ist,damit es gelingen kann.
Ich kann es nur Allen Satansjüngern und Adepten empfehlen.
Eine bessere Grundlage dafür wird es nirgends geben.

Hail Satan 🤘🏻😈🔥

Dominus rex Satanae!
Dominus rex Inferni!
Hail Satan!!!

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